5 surprising ways you can get under the skin of LinkedIn


Mar 14, 2023

by Andrew Sidwell


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It’s like a New Year’s resolution for business: “This year we’re going to take our LinkedIn strategy to the next level.” Trouble is, like most resolutions, by February it’s forgotten. We fall into the usual social pattern. Same plan. Same media. Same results.

Unfortunately, that means the untapped goldmine of 600 million LinkedIn users goes under-utilised. So, let’s fix that once and for all. It’s 2023. Time to get serious about getting the most out of LinkedIn.

But first, a little proof of credentials

What makes us an expert? 3rdspace has been an official LinkedIn Content Partner since the program launched in Oceania in 2019. We’ve tried every LinkedIn strategy trick in the book (and have the awards to prove it). 

Not only can you harness the power of LinkedIn to network with relevant professionals and build meaningful connections, but also showcase your brand’s expertise and purpose through post updates and content – propelling your biz ahead of its competition. And, when done right – *ahem*, using our proven tips and tricks… this powerful platform can be one of the most effective tools driving organic growth to boost visibility and reach more members of your target audience. 

Here’s our top five tips to help you make the most out of LinkedIn.

#1 Quality over Quantity 

This applies to any social media platform, but it is especially true for LinkedIn - a platform that has been ranked one of the most trusted social media platforms by the Insider Intelligence Digital Trust Benchmark over consecutive years. If you take one tip from this blog today, let it be this: the foundational key to success on the LinkedIn platform is quality content. You don't need to post multiple posts every single day; instead, focus on creating high-quality pieces that will engage with your audience - content with value that your audience will genuinely care about. 

This comes down to your content strategy. Think about what kind of content will help you build relationships and connections with potential customers or clients - what do they want to see? What expertise can you share that will improve their lives? How can you entertain or engage your target audiences? How will you stand out from the clutter of other content? 

Don’t forget to make sure that your content is shareable so that others can easily pass it along on their own LinkedIn accounts – this is what we call viral reach, and it’s absolute GOLD when it comes to growing your brand awareness. 

#2 Make it a feast for the eyes 

Visuals are one of the most effective ways to stand out and grab your audience’s attention – in fact LinkedIn users are 20x more likely to share a video on the platform than any other type of post, and posts on LinkedIn that contain images have a 98% better comment rate

Getting creative with visuals in both static, animated and video formats can help break up text-heavy posts and draw your audience in - remember, the goal is to stop them from scrolling. Use high-resolution images or videos that are relevant to the topic you're discussing, as well as infographics or other visual elements that can help explain complex topics in an easier way for readers to digest. If you need a hand, don’t be afraid to drop us a note - creative content is what we get out of bed for! 

#3 Get tagging 

Hashtags are an incredibly powerful tool for helping your content stand out on social media platforms like LinkedIn. If you want your post to be seen by a wider audience, use some relevant hashtags so that people who may not follow you can still find it when searching for topics related to what you're talking about. Pro tip: research the hashtag before you post by searching the tags in the LinkedIn search bar - you’ll be able to see how many posts already exist and explore other similar trending hashtags. The key is to select a mix of general hashtags (those will large follower counts) and niche hashtags (those that have at least 5,000 followers) - and try to limit your hashtag use to a maximum of 5 per post, placing the tags throughout the copy or at the end of your post as an aesthetic best practice. 

#4 Add ads, Ads, Ads 

Still waiting for the right time to launch your first ad campaign on LinkedIn? You’re missing out on some major opportunities. Unlike Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok (the list goes on), the advertising offering on LinkedIn is still highly targeted, meaning you can reach a granular audience in an environment where they’re primed to engage. The sophisticated B2B targeting options available allow you to hone in on your exact target audience, so that you can craft content and campaigns tailored to their specific needs. Reaching consumers where they are most active amplifies the reach of your organic following and allows you to track engagement more granularly. With this data, marketers can further inform their content strategy, as well as measure success using powerful ROI tracking tools. 

We hear you… “Isn’t LinkedIn advertising expensive?” It doesn’t have to be. With the right media strategy and content, advertising with LinkedIn is a powerful tool to drive results from your target audience. 

#5 Give value to get value 

This may seem obvious but it bears repeating – the number one most effective tactic on LinkedIn when it comes to driving leads and conversions is to offer real value in your posts and ads. LinkedIn users value helpful tips and advice from experts and companies they trust, so try offering insights that could be useful for others trying to achieve similar goals or objectives online (e.g., how-to guides or cheat sheets). This type of content will not only benefit those who read it but it will also demonstrate your expertise and credibility on specific topics which can plant the seed for future collaborations or partnerships down the line. 

At the end of the day, success on LinkedIn is all about creating a powerful, engaging presence that'll draw in your target audience. The fact is, there are countless strategies and tactics businesses can implement when leveraging LinkedIn for their marketing efforts – but these five tips should give you a great starting point when developing your own LinkedIn strategy. If you find yourself overwhelmed with the possibilities or just need an extra hand, don't hesitate to reach out drop us a note.


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