5 ways to create engaging content

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Jan 17, 2016

by 3rdspace


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At 3rdspace, we are always talking to our partners about the importance of developing a powerful content purpose as a way that can help guide the content team and marketing team from the inside out.

But where does it all go from there?

We’ve found a lot of brands talk about their content pillars and feel they've nailed their content strategy. The truth is, while it may mean a lot to the business and brand, that strategy and those pillars will not resonate with consumers.

There are also a lot of stakeholders when it comes to content, and everyone thinks their piece of content is the most important.

So, we’ve designed some innovative tools to help businesses not only define their content mission, but also create content that brings to life that mission in a way that has value to the audience.

We have also created 5 simple criteria to help select the best content.

  1. Is it relevant not only to the brand, but to the person we want to view it and share it? For content to connect it needs to express how our audience think and feel in a way that is more dynamic than how they would express it themselves.
  2. Does it have an “emotional gift”? Is it helpful, inspirational or does it generate humour that is reflective of the brand’s personality?
  3. Does it reinforce our brand purpose in a way that is easily understood in the language of a trusted friend?
  4. Does it start a conversation? Content should always evolve a brand story arc, but more importantly, if we can inspire our audience to share their stories, the content has more value than a “share”.
  5.  Is the format and the channel we are presenting the idea in the best way to tell the story? Sometimes a still image or a thought provoking editorial piece or quiz can be more appropriate and time relevant than a produced film. Also consider taking the idea into newer channels where you may not have huge following but can have great impact.

Always focussing on what most strongly connects you and your consumers – your Core Purpose.

Rob Logan is the founder of 3rdspace - where brands with purpose create content of value.


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