It’s been an exciting 2019 for team 3rdspace, with 2020 fast approaching, here’s three ways we have brought our clients content missions to life.

We’ve helped ask inspiring questions and started new narratives for our nation. Guided by our friends at EY, we’ve learnt all about asking better questions. In two content series, we’re asking better questions to build a vision for a national digital transformation through LinkedIn and Digital platforms:

We’ve addressed the digital culture change, including the shift toward artificial intelligence and generating sustainable climate change responses. The personal skills needed to facilitate this change were also challenged. All in all, we’re collaborating to build a vision for a national digitaltransformation.

In series two, we simplified what this digital culture change means for the next generation. To talk to the future in the flesh, we invited some dynamic duo’s to discuss this in a segment we like to call CEO’s and Teens. Making this digital transformation a reality, we worked together to answer the hard questions.

Working alongside the team at NEC, we’ve facilitated a B2B content marketing solution to drive greater awareness of NEC’s Let’s Play to win mantra. Even as one of the worlds leading tech companies, NEC has celebrated the power of inspiring and compelling content. Teaming up with their sponsored sporting ambassadors Dylan Alcott and r Joseph Deng, we launched series of seven high impact films, a microsite and an opportunity to meet the stars and a training session.

2019 also brought disruption to the world of travel agents where we hosted the first ever, live Globus Game Show. Pitting travel agents against each other to test their travel and product knowledge. Reeling in Globus partnered travel agents from around the nation to crown the first ever Travel Agent Champion! In a world-first B2B content marketing experience, 3rdspace have set the bar high, bringing to life the brand’s tone of voice like it has never been done before.

With an incredible 2019 coming to an end, we look to 2020 and set goals to up the content game.