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Business and the power of social, environmental & community change.

Business and the power of social, environmental & community change.

There is no escape from a story.

We live in a deep, multi-connected world; unless you choose to become a hermit, we all live in real-time across every key event. Whether it be our friends, community, national or global.


As we move with a changing world and society. What are our values, behaviours and beliefs and who do we believe?


Forrester data, Asia pacific online benchmark survey 2015 shows that three-quarters of Australian consumers read peer reviews on products or services, most consumers use social media to help get help with a product or service and 17% agree social media is the channel for them to endorse their favourite brand.


As communities, the environment, technology and social behaviours change, do businesses change with them?


Mobium’s living Lohas research shows how the attitude and behavioural change in Australians demonstrated in our consumption decisions and how we follow social trends. Mobium’s research segments the research in to four groups, leaders, leaning, learning and laggards.
These groups depict our changes in values, beliefs in sustainability, and our willingness to pay for premium products.


Are businesses considering these factors when placing content on communication channels and deciding how to engage with their audience?


For a brand, business or product to adapt to the change in social trends, it must define and lead with it’s brand purpose.
As consumers become more informed, the power is with the consumer.


Big businesses are seeing more competition from brands that want to offer solutions to social or environmental issues as part of their purpose. The big brands who sell on product alone, need to take note – people care about making a difference and so should brands.

Big or small, how can you start to change consumer behaviour?  How can you as a business make a difference?


NRMA as a case study


For a business to be sustainable, the consumer must always come first, not just their needs, but what they care about in their lives and the lives of those they care about.


We are significantly more connected therefore more people are likely to share your story if it’s something that adds value to them and the community they care about.


NRMA has a purpose of keeping Australia moving, they recently worked with 3rdspace Social Media Agency to bring to life their purpose, as they ventured to Lightning Ridge to help drought stricken farmers, keep their machinery moving.


The content didn’t highlight a product attribute, but the reason why NRMA exists.

A purpose people were keen to support and share.