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Publisher vs. agency: thoughts from someone who’s crossed over.

June 19, 2017/0/0/

Welcome Natalia Krslovic, who joined 3rdspace six weeks ago as a content strategist and creator. This week she shares her thoughts on publisher vs agency and her observations on their unique strengths.  There seems to be a “path most journeyed” in media. You go to uni and study communications or marketing. You get a grad […]

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Will Facebook Advertising benefit your business?

December 22, 2016/0/0/

  Since its birth just over a decade ago, Facebook’s prominence in the saturated world of social media has gone from strength to strength. With over 1.6 billion users worldwide (compared to Instagram’s 400 million and Twitter’s 320 million) it’s easy to see why brands and businesses are turning their backs on traditional print advertising […]

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Business and the power of social, environmental & community change.

July 14, 2016/0/1/

There is no escape from a story. We live in a deep, multi-connected world; unless you choose to become a hermit, we all live in real-time across every key event. Whether it be our friends, community, national or global.   As we move with a changing world and society. What are our values, behaviours and […]

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5 ways to create engaging content

January 17, 2016/0/1/

At 3rdspace, we are always talking to our partners about the importance of developing a powerful content purpose as a way that can help guide the content team and marketing team from the inside out. But where does it all go from there? We’ve found a lot of brands talk about their content pillars and […]

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3rd Space Delivers for Crust SA

October 13, 2015/0/0/

Content Agency 3rd Space has recently started working with the lovely people at Crust Gourmet Pizza. In our first campaign, Crust needed a localised solution for South Australia to prompt brand awareness and trial. So…. we employed two new delivery drivers for them. Meet Travis Boak and Tex Walker, the two local rival AFL captains. Our […]

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