Cause Vs. Purpose

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Nov 07, 2018

by 3rdspace


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Recently I got into a bit of a debate on LinkedIn with a very experienced strategist about how purpose was a cop out for brands.

The debate went like a little like this:


We see purpose as why a brand exists, and indeed how it adds value to people’s lives, but it doesn’t mean that purpose or the supporting content strategy needs to be all about a cause.

Disney has been built on a purpose of “making people happy.” The team at Boost Juice, whom we worked with for years in the early days of 3rdspace (now they are so good at content they do it all in house), are another business who just ‘get it’ with their purpose: “To make you feel just that little bit better.”

That’s why we always start with the brand purpose, as how brands can align their content with not only the values of consumers, but how consumers love to live their lives.

If you have a fun brand, your purpose should drive to a goal such as making you feel just that little bit better through every interaction with the brand, including your content.

We’ve built a strategic process and framework that has worked time and time again to elevate brand scores quickly and most importantly, provoke involvement and action from consumers… it’s what we call a content mission, which we’d be very happy to share with anyone who is interested.


Rob Logan is founder and head of content @ 3rdspace – The Content Company


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