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Oct 24, 2018

by 3rdspace


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I’m not saying marketing in Australia is backward, but sometimes I wish brands would think about content differently.

It’s getting better, but when we first started 3rdspace, content was the poor toothless cousin kept in the back shed until the strategy had been dressed up and brought out on display and the ad campaign with its 80% multiple in media had enjoyed all the attention.

A good content strategy aligns very tightly to the brand architecture/DNA from purpose to attributes, values and tone of voice,

A good content strategy has a 1-3 year mission to engage and involve consumers to interact with the brand and take action, including sharing their details with it and purchasing.

A good content strategy aligns to the brand purpose and takes into account all the brand is doing from the inside out, through to partnerships, sponsorships and promotions.

A good content strategy is a 3 year view that has evolving story arcs that should evolve with the market place, how consumers see the brand and the culture/country it lives in.

So why not get onto the content strategy as soon as the business has defined the brand architecture?

It will allow you to:

  • Start thinking about the stories you want to tell
  • Develop hero content led campaigns that can be tested for engagement, and if resonating strongly refined and taken into traditional media channels.


So get your content out of the back shed and onto centre stage, where it will do your business a world of good.

Rob Logan is the founder and head of content at 3rdspace 


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