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Content with a Cause

December 15, 2016/0/0
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Content with a cause

Content with a cause

When we were tasked by The Cancer Institute of NSW to create an informative content series earlier this year, we wanted to ensure it was both powerful and educational, while being sensitive to the audience we were targeting.

The purpose of the campaign was to create a first in video content; bite size chunks of digestible information that would explain to cancer patients the treatments they would be undergoing and the consequential side-effects.

We took a delicate and complex subject that often involves a number of inputs, and simplified it for patients by translating medical jargon into something more consumable.

Through bringing to life and humanising a brochure into video format and enlisting a cast of doctors, nurses and real-life cancer survivors, we were able to create an honest insight into what life with cancer is really like, while retaining a sense of warmth and positivity, reassuring patients that they’re not alone.



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