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Diary of an Intern

Diary of an Intern

Our newest member Andi reflects on her time so far here at 3rdspace.

The first day of an internship is kind of like a blind date; you’re nervous, not sure what to expect and you will give an awkward laugh in response to every single question, comment and statement. For all of us introverts, the idea of the first day of anything is a very real nightmare.

Cue my first day as an intern at 3rdspace; featuring all of the above, and some added silences because I don’t know what small talk is, or how it works. It’s something I’m working on. To me, the notion of an internship always sparked visions of coffee runs and hours of scrolling through Facebook, which never really piqued my interest. Thus, the thought of an internship didn’t seem like the most inspiring use of my time. However, the prospect of a job, post-University falls flat once you realise that you have no experience and are competing against everyone with the same degree as you, and for those of us with a marketing degree we come for a dime a dozen these days. For me, this realisation came halfway into my last semester of study, and was met an equal mix of panic and confusion which is definitely a winning and productive combination.

But I digress, the first day of my internship was a combination of the expected (read: coffee runs), being thrown in the deep end (finding a hills hoist in the Eastern Suburbs), and a lot of internal dialogue which consisted mostly of “What am I meant to be doing?”, “Is this right?” and “Don’t break anything Andi” on loop for eight hours. However, although the first day didn’t meet my ideas of what an internship was like, I’m happy it didn’t and that was definitely refreshing. At the risk of sounding cliché, that first day taught me that experience was not just handed to you, but rather you had to earn it. So even in the moments that I was losing hope in trying to find a suit of armour, or reformatting a presentation before I had even met anyone or knew where I was, I knew that I was gaining invaluable experience. Sometimes the only way you learn how to swim is to be thrown in the deep-end, so here’s hoping I don’t sink.

As for the coffee-runs, I actually enjoy those. Although I definitely got Rob the wrong coffee on the first day. Sorry Rob.


Credit to FunnyPuppySite.com for the very professional pug image.