Four questions to ask when developing an influencer marketing campaign
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Four questions to ask when developing an influencer marketing campaign.

Four questions to ask when developing an influencer marketing campaign.


Social influencers Annaliese Gann (left) and Grace Ireland (right) for our #doubledenimdare campaign for the International Transport Workers’ Federation.


Influencer marketing isn’t new, but with the rise of digital marketing, the game has definitely changed. It’s no longer just about sticking a famous face onto a campaign: it’s about working with personalities to engage with their followers in meaningful ways.


When it comes to building an influencer-led content marketing campaign, there are a few things you need to consider. Here are four questions you should be asking before enlisting the help of any influencers.


Do they share your values and purpose?

In an age where people are increasingly making purpose-driven decisions, consumers buy your ‘why,’ so your brand mission should be at the core of all your communications.


When deciding if an influencer is a good fit for your brand, don’t just look at the number of their followers; look for shared values and a shared purpose. Any influencers you work with should also reflect your organisation’s ‘why’ to ensure the campaign has a truly shared purpose.


Are you ready for a collaboration?

When enlisting the help of an influencer, remember that you’re entering a content collaboration. We get that this can be a scary thing for clients: your brand is your baby, and giving up total creative control feels like they’re growing up too quickly. But this process is not about giving creative control – it’s about collaboration.


The reality is though, there are actually two brands in the mix: yours and your influencer’s.

To make the campaign work, the content needs to be an authentic representation of both brands involved, so go into it with a mind to create shared content with shared value.


Who are we talking to?

It’s a no-brainer that when selecting influencers to work with, their audience and your target market should be a match. With that said, remember that you are accessing their audience, who are accustomed to consuming content that’s been created with their tone of voice in mind.


While you might be paying for access to an influencer’s audience, you’re also paying for their advice. They understand their audience and their tone of voice best, this can be an additional method to get some quality insights into your shared audience.


How do we ensure consistency across the campaign?

When you’re using a number of different influencers, keeping consistency across the campaign can be challenging. This is where enlisting the help of a certain content company  comes in handy: having a team of content experts to ensure the right messaging and tone of voice are integrated across all content pieces will lead to higher engagement and more conversions.