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Immerse Yourself in Content with Purpose

Immerse Yourself in Content with Purpose

Often brands jump at the chance to use new technology without thinking about the bigger picture. What’s this content trying to achieve and why are we doing it? Is it just making new content using new (ish) media platforms, just for the sake of it?


Here at 3rdspace we’re all about content with purpose, every time a brief comes across our desk – We ask how this content will add value to peoples lives and what is the best way to bring that content to life to have true impact.


One such buzz platform, is that of Virtual Reality. It seems like everyone these days is trying to get a piece of the VR pie, often without thinking about the WHY, and just jumping on the train to give it a go just because everyone else is, to add that string to their bow. VR can be an incredible storytelling tool, if used in the right way, to really share a story in an immersive way, that was previously impossible. It’s with this in mind that we decided to use VR to create a highly emotive series of VR experiences for Vinnies as part of the CEO Sleepout, working with our partners at PWC.


On any given night in Australia one in 200 people are homeless – that is a total of 105,237 people.

  • 56% are male
  • 44% are female
  • 60% of the homeless population is under the age of 35
  • 17,845 are children under 10, with 402 children sleeping out on the streets
  • 17% of homeless Australians are aged over 55: of these, 36% are women


It’s heartbreaking to read these statistics, but with Vinnies and PWC we felt we had to go beyond the statistics to enable people to understand the impact.


We produced a series of three VR experiences around Domestic Violence, Homelessness and Mental Illness, collaborating with PWC’s content production team, so some of Australia’s leading CEOs could be placed in the middle of a situation in a fully immersive and somewhat confronting situation.


Feedback on the night can only be described as highly thought provoking, and poignant as the CEO’s were brought into real-life scenarios facing many Australian’s every day.


For us, this is the powerful way for VR to be used to its full advantage, an immersive story  that creates a lasting impact. We’re looking forward to making more content that utilises this technology, where appropriate and we are very honoured to be working alongside an organisation of passionate people that are committed to creating positive change.


Thanks to all at Vinnies and PWC on this very special collaboration.