Lights, Camera, LinkedIn: How To Create A Great LinkedIn Live Stream


Mar 10, 2020

by 3rdspace


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It’s just a few months old and still in BETA testing mode in Australia (meaning businesses need to submit an application and be approved before they can live stream on the platform), but LinkedIn Live is quickly becoming one of the hottest new ways to reach your audience. With livestreams on the platform receiving 24x more comments than native video* and 62% of companies planning to adopt the broadcasting feature in the future*, now is the time to think about how LinkedIn Live fits in your business’ marketing strategy. The question is, with over 610 million members on LinkedIn, how do you reach them through your live stream in a way that’s engaging, effective and stress-free? Read on...  


Live streaming has added to content's potential, giving it a new look and platform. Through live video streams, connecting with your audience has never been easier. Providing raw, authentic and (guaranteed) unedited content, is what users want to see. It’s how they gain insights into your brand and build trust.  

With all this in mind, it’s crucial to cast the right people in your livestream who will not only serve as great representation for your business, but also handle the interactive nature of live streaming. LinkedIn Live’s most powerful benefit is the ability to foster real-time conversations with your professional audience. By doing this is real time, you’re building a relationship with your current and potential clients in a way never possible in other modes of digital communication.  


Pre-production is a vital step in planning a successful LinkedIn Live stream. Really think about a topic your business has a strong point of view on. Encourage more than one point of view by inviting guests with differing opinions or from different organisations to boost audience engagement and encourage authentic conversations. Decide what topics you want to focus on and ensure these topics generate conversations, not yes or no answers. Connecting with your audience is what live streaming is all about.  

If the topics to be discussed are too broad, divide them into a series of live streams and let your audience know. For example, you may stream every Tuesday at 11am for the next 5 weeks. This keeps viewers interested and boosts marketing efficiency. However, be sure not to stream more than once a day to avoid ambushing your audience with notifications. 

Selecting candidates to host your live stream is just as important as selecting topics to focus on. Don’t get the boss to do it just because they are the boss. Try running auditions to select your best people on camera, remember that how they communicate in this environment is just as important as their knowledge of the topic. At the end of the day, it’s all about engaging your viewers! 


Now that you’ve got the right content and the right people, it’s time to choose the gear. We advise against streaming straight from your mobile phone. Like a good boxing match, you want the debate to be produced well. At 3rdspace, we use 3 cameras, a live switching console with a TV director to ensure the live action is caught – and caught well! If you need some help let us know.  

Part of a good set up means that the presenter has enough access to the live questions and reactions coming in. Eliminate any downtime or awkward communication with anyone behind the camera. Remember the audience is focusing on you and this is live, they see everything. Keep answers short and to the point, remembering to thank people asking questions and keep it pacey.  


After you’ve gone live, recycle and repurpose the footage! Download the content, slice and package it up into thought leadership clips. Post these clips to social media and use them to excite your followers and encourage them to tune in next time. You can also transcribe the conversation and develop it into a blog post.  

In Australia, LinkedIn Live is still in BETA mode. If you’d like to be one of the first streamers in Australia, contact us and our Official Content Partnership with LinkedIn will help get you there. 

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* Statistics via Hootsuite’s “Social Media Trends 2019” report 


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