LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategy, LinkedIn Content Marketing Plan
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3rdspace – Best LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategy Plan


At 3rdspace, our B2B content marketing offering has had a serious uplift, since we were announced as the official LinkedIn B2B content marketing strategy agency partner in APAC.


LinkedIn has been in existence since 2002 and as a platform it’s just about to hit its stride. This sleeping giant has allowed its cousins in the B2C space to take all the glory and make all of the noise (and mistakes) over the past decade, while the LinkedIn folk have sat quietly monitoring the goings on. We’re here to tell you that LinkedIn is now in hyper growth mode.


Where the world’s largest B2B social platform gets its gravitas is by being the most trusted platform, out of all of the socials. And having a reputation for being the most mature, it draws the kind of content that adds value, not just to people’s professional lives, but their personal lives too.

LinkedIn Content Marketing Plan

When developing a LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategy it’s important to keep in mind users arrive at LinkedIn with an intent-driven mindset: to be educated, because it is the platform for invested time that encourages engagement. People with this approach arrive disarmed, and are more open to receiving messages, which means these people have a purpose (or at least are searching for one).


It’s these insights and a range of propriety tools that has helped our teams develop international B2B LinkedIn Content Marketing Plans for brands such as the Pepsi Group, Cochlear, NEC, Globus Travel group, TAFE Enterprise and the International education association

LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategy

Gary Vee reported in late 2018 that LinkedIn is where Facebook was 6 to 7 years ago; warning that “if you don’t have a LinkedIn content marketing strategy in 2019, you’re going to fall behind”

While only 30% of B2B marketers say their organisations are effective at LinkedIn content marketing plans, we should also keep in mind that only 50% of B2B buyers are satisfied with the quality of thought leadership in this area of communication.


Our solutions include hero thought leadership content to drive awareness and provoke action from the audience, supported by highly segmented supporting content to retarget and evolve the relationship with that audience. We have not only produced content marketing campaigns for a range of brands on the Linkedin platform, but LinkedIn Australia utilised 3rdspace to create their content led campaign targeting SMB’s that generated over 260 000 visits to the linkedIn post a job page in 6 weeks.

So is you’re a B2B marketer and you’d like to delve deeper into your LinkedIn content marketing strategy in APAC – click here to register for a free content mission workshop (link through to contact page).


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