“Navigating the complexity of technology driven transformation presents the greatest challenge and opportunity for most businesses and governments today. Tech transformation represents 36% of consulting firm revenue and is predicted to reach 80%. The rapid pace of innovation and the enormity of disruption is having enterprise-wide impact and is reshaping entire industries. EY’s purpose is to build a better working world and through this content campaign with 3rdspace we wanted to shape the tech and transformation dialogue by posing the tough questions and offering our points of view, and make an emotional connection with key buyers.

Based on the results and the feedback we have received from the market, this campaign has been a huge success. We set ourselves apart from our competitors by focusing on authentic, humanistic transformation stories and offered intergenerational perspectives, on the some of the toughest issues businesses are facing. The engagement results that we achieved from the campaign were the highest EY has achieved globally for a social media campaign.”

Emma Flowers | Oceania Brand and Client Experience Leader | Brand, Marketing & Communications, Ernst & Young



EY approached 3rdspace to produce content that would look and feel contrastingly different to the rest of the consultancy pack, highlighting the EY partners and the business leaders they connect with in a very human and thought-provoking way.



As the rate of change accelerates, we ask: are leaders are doing enough to keep up?

It is not the strongest or most competitive, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.



We worked with EY to create a content mission that was built from the EY purpose; to drive engagement with an Australian C-suite audience and define EY’s Future Ready brand truth: To help leaders build a vision 
for transformation of their business 
and the confidence to realise it.


Traditionally consultancies publish a lot of thought leadership papers in a one-sided style. The strategy for EY’s ‘Better Questions’ campaign was to utilise a different style of content as we gathered some of EY’s best minds to start a thought-provoking two-sided conversation involving the C-suite audience around the most pressing issues facing our nation.

The strategy then evolved into an inclusive conversation with the business leaders of Australia and true digital natives, their children, to discuss what technology & transformation meant to each other and the country.



We created a series of 100+ thought-provoking videos featuring EY CEO, Tony Johnson and senior EY partners. The videos called upon C-Suite and business leaders to ‘join the conversation’ to help build a better vision for a digitally transformed Australia.



100+ high impact films

Two microsites:



Hundreds of comments from Australia & New Zealand’s C-Suite

Over 1.3M video views

70% completion rate in seeded YouTube campaign