EY Change Happens



EY wanted to cut through to their audience of senior decision makers during the uncertain environment created by COVID-19 and beyond. With audience fatigue developing around written content and increased screen-time, EY wanted to reach their audience in a refreshing format that would maintain longevity.



As the rate of change accelerates, we ask: are leaders doing enough to keep-up? It is not the strongest or most competitive, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. 



We worked with EY to create a podcast series that focused on sharing real stories of business leaders, bringing out their full personality, sharing their ‘human’ side by exploring stories and critical moments of change in an authentic, dynamic and accessible way. Our podcast mission was to drive change through human connections. EY wanted listeners to feel connected to the stories and individuals on a human level, and for participants to be able to tell a story that they haven’t been able to tell before.




27 podcast episodes released fortnightly 

30 short promotional teaser films

One microsite:http://ey.com/au/changehappens

Supporting blog posts:https://www.ey.com/en_au/consulting/conversations-on-authentic-leadership




Featured on Apple Podcasts as Australia’s #1 Management Podcast

21,000+ episode downloads in first 10 months since launch, with over 10,000 unique listeners

Average engagement rate of 5.23% on LinkedIn amongst ANZ C-Suite and decision maker audience (0.6% global benchmark)

65,000+ engagements on LinkedIn to-date

Featured in the Top 20 Management Podcasts in multiple international charts on Apple Podcasts, including New Zealand (#4), Malaysia (#5), Argentina (#14), Ireland (#15), Turkey (#17) and China (#20)