NEC Immersion+ Virtual Symposium


Immersion+ was a showcase of NEC bringing ‘humanity and technology together to Orchestrate a brighter world’. Feedback from our presenters, partners, exhibitors and importantly, our customers, was not only very positive and complimentary, it addressed the very issue of ‘value creation’ – being part of an event that provided value to themselves, their business, and the wider society. Future value for future business growth.

Thanks to 3rdspace we exceeded our expectations in every metric, in particular targeted registrations +166%. 

David Borean – Executive General Manager Marketing & Sales, NEC



NEC approached 3rdSpace to help them bring their first-ever virtual conference to life. Targeting C-Suite across enterprise and government verticals, NEC’s Immersion+ virtual symposium needed to showcase their ability to bring together the best combination of humanity & technology in challenging times.



Never before have we been in such a VUCA (Volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) environment. Governments around the world are running containment strategies, while business and the community are flung into a situation of fear, that in some cases borders on panic. Businesses and governments need agile technology solutions that empower their employees to work remotely and maintain productivity.



With the country in lock down we worked with NEC to create a virtual conference, which would allow them to provide thought provoking content around creating value and collect valuable data from potential C suite audiences.

A conference, virtual or otherwise, is only as successful as the communications campaign leading up to it and the content within the experience.

Our content campaign would highlight why now is the time for business and government “take a long hard look at what is possible” when we bring together the best of human with technology.

We wanted the event to be highly interactive and inclusive as we took a deep dive into the future, with live chat Q&A’s, virtual networking opportunities through “Immersion +”



To bring this call to arms for Australian business to life we selected underbelly star Matt Nable as the spokesperson for Immersion + and ventured to the vast salt lakes in central Victoria to shoot the hero films for the campaign, setting giant light boxes that would help tell the story against this rugged terrain.

We created a series of supporting define and demonstrate films that would help C suite understand how the virtual conference worked and highlighted our key note speakers.

Using our remote stream studio we filmed and produced a range of thought leadership films that featured in the booths at the conference, with specialists in Education, Justice, Emergency Services, Transport, Government, Contactless solutions, Health and the Future of retail.



6 high impact event awareness films to be distributed across NEC’s LinkedIn Company page, Facebook page, YouTube Channel and website.

11 vertical films for in-event use.

40 static image graphic banners for use in LinkedIn lead gen campaign, social organic posts, CPC campaign and Teads display ad campaign.



Over 1,800 event registrations to Immersion+ from Australia & New Zealand’s C-Suite in government and enterprise.

Over 1.3M video views

An engagement rate on LinkedIn 201% higher than the global benchmark



Video: Immersion+ Teaser

Event Post clip

Video: NZ vertical video