NEC: A Positive Mindset for Change






No matter the industry – clients are continually altering the way they act in response to ever increasing change. Investment in technology is a must to survive because no organisation can outrun technological disruption. This is an ongoing opportunity to transform your organisation over and over, requiring leaders to adopt a positive mindset for change.



Having a positive mindset for change doesn’t give you a roadmap to the future. It is a transformative way of being that allows leaders to move their teams and organisations towards a place of safer uncertainty. It is about accepting that, regardless of what steps you take, change is happening faster and in a format you cannot predict. All you can do is see it as an opportunity, build skills and be ready to act in service of the greater humanity. 



Enable a collaboration between NEC, Refik Anadol and the NGV in Melbourne, allowing NEC to demonstrate what is possible when you combine humanity and technology with a positive mindset for change.  



1 x Hero Film 

3 x 15s promotional films sharing the humanity of an incredible artist with the amazing technology of NEC.   



380,000 people viewed the artwork over 8 weeks 

130,485 combined video views

34.5% CTR 

78.8% completion rate for ‘Quantum memories’ video

74.3% completion rate for ‘A positive mindset for change’ video


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Hero Film - A Positive Mindset for Change

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15 sec Positive Mindset for Change

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