NRMA Freedom


“The NRMA Group have always been there to connect people and as we commenced our expansion into the travel industry, we wanted to create a piece of content capturing the pure joy that comes from feeling connected to country. The 3rdspace team brought to life our mission perfectly through beautiful storytelling, exceptional casting, shooting and editing, resulting in an inspiring and uplifting piece of film.”

Marie Ferrett

Head of Creative and Brand at NRMA



The NRMA Group were embarking on a business transformation with further expansion into the travel sector including a range of newly acquired parks and resort destinations. They asked 3rdspace to help launch this new direction internally built around their vision to enable Australians to reconnect as the business enabled a new found freedom.



With COVID-19 halting our ability to travel internationally and local border restrictions lifting, the time was ripe for inspiring Australians to get back on the road to find new ways to connect with each other, the land and community through meaningful experiences.


Drawing inspiration from the connection to land, the sea, culture and community that our Indigenous peoples intrinsically hold, we explored what it truly feels like to experience freedom through a passion for exploration, travel and adventure. Narrated by one of Australia’s leading Indigenous actors, Trevor Jamieson, this piece of emotive storytelling encourages the audience to join the journey to get back to country as the organisation embarks on a new era.


1 x Hero piece to be used across internal communications and corporate social media channels