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Syngenta Helping Pest Controllers live a life uninterrupted.




Syngenta had little to no connection with the end users of their products and felt their purpose of “Life uninterrupted” wasn’t resonating through their advertising or content. They needed a B2B content marketing strategy that would resonate with pest controllers and allow them to start an ongoing conversation.




Reputation is highly important to pest controllers and cannot be built overnight it takes time and good customer referrals




Create a B2B content marketing strategy to help build the reputation of Syngenta’s customers through a shared passion for quality and innovation in pest control. Launching with a video content marketing campaign to provoke, inspire and celebrate the pest control industry. We created the Mega Marketing Prize campaign, to help pest controllers with $15000 to market their business from Syngenta. To launch we highlighted Bob the pest controller who was great at pest control, but not marketing.
Then we brought the science of the industry to life with a tradie who had been on Survivor, Aimee Stanton was a great fit for the brand and a fresh look for the industry.




We created a multi-pillar B2B content marketing campaign to grow Syngenta’s database and ultimately increasing their market share. We kicked off with a new Facebook page and the video content led “Mega Marketing Prize” campaign consisting of 4 humorous films, followed by the science content featuring Aimee.




Average Cost per view 3 cents
773 qualified pest management professional leads for Syngenta’s database,
1200 new followers on their Facebook page.
The mega marketing prize winner had an increase in business of over 160% YOY.


“3rdspace helped Syngenta drive fresh awareness for the business with a content led campaign that celebrated our end customer – the Pest Controller in a way that had cultural context, showed we understood the challenges of their business, with a splash of humour. The launch campaign helped us brand grow our customer database significantly and then allowed us tell a powerful product range story in an equally innovative way through films and social content. We’re delighted with the result.”