Winnings Appliances: “Forever Home”


“3rdSpace created a holistic campaign that provides inspiration and highlights the importance of experiencing life reimagined, delivering brand uplift and outstanding sales results”


Showrooms are designed to provide a multi-sensory customer experience with service and advice from experts, to help you create that home you have dreamed of.



In 2020, Winning Appliances experienced periodic, store closures across the country. In the face of these incredible challenges they identified three core personas whom they needed to engage with to ensure the brand held it’s presence and could re ignite sales as lock downs eased.



Through our strategic and creative process 3rdspace came up with a core insight. When customers came to Winning Appliances looking for stoves, cooktops and fridges they weren’t just looking for functional appliances. They were looking to fulfill a future, emotional need. They all had a vision greater than a dish washer or a range hood, they were searching for their forever homes.



We built on the brand purpose of helping Australian’s Live their best life at home. Using some of the amazing instore experiences and beautiful products at Winning Appliances, we created films where consumers were transported to a vision of their forever home. Couples saw their dream oven or cooktop, triggering visions where they saw themselves entertaining their friends to the highest of levels. After seeing these aspirational environments, the audience was invited to Winning Appliances to Create their forever home.



We started with a mix of digital, social content along with Hero TVC’s and Out of home.

This content not only tells the century-old Winning Appliances story, but allowed Winnings to integrate partner brands into that narrative and demonstrate that there are appliances solutions to suit customers,

depending on how they like to live and entertain in their homes.

This content will evolve with a range of editorial and media integration.



The business has seen a massive 30% uplift in sales.

The campaign has also reignited Winnings teams with a new sense of pride around their business as the first brand campaign the business has executed.




Partner Intergration