How 3rdspace and ITF are stopping a real fashion crime


Apr 24, 2017

by 3rdspace


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Who can forget the iconic picture of Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears circa 2000, donning double denim like the bosses they are. Yep, we didn’t think so, a double denim disaster!

A staple in every man, woman and child’s wardrobe…when we (sometimes) squeeze into our jeans every day, do we really think about the bigger picture? No, didn’t think so. Well in more ways than one, sadly the jeans we wear every day are part of a fashion double standard.

Here at 3rdspace we’ve got a bit of a passion for fashion and creating content with purpose. We’ve teamed up with our friends at the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF), which represents 4.5 million workers in 148 countries around the world, to create meaningful change for the dock workers of Madagascar.


Why should we care about dock workers in Madagascar you cry? Listen up: The reality is way less cute than the Dreamwork’s film. Here’s the cold hard facts you need to know now:


  1. Madagascar is a manufacturer and supplier of denim to first world countries – especially if they’re Levi’s. Levi’s has a publicly stated high standard of workers’ rights in their factories, yet has failed to apply the same standards to the dock workers. It’s a double standard.
  2. The average dock worker in Madagascar earns only US16 cents an hour. Yes 16 CENTS! They would take up to 100 days to buy one pair of the jeans in the first world. Makes you think right?
  3. The workers are in a long fight for their rights to a fair wage for their work and a safe workspace. Sometimes they may even turn up at the docks to start work, with no guarantee of work that day, or in days to come


We have created the trending hash tag #doubledenimdare where our followers and influencers will challenge each other to raise awareness and create optimal exposure to the International Transport Workers Federation. Instagram is our main vehicle driving engagement and creating awareness through live feeds, information about Madagascar and the workers and re-sharing our true supporter’s posts.

The on ground events are to DISRUPT! Creating a global campaign with events happening in Sydney, London and New York, ITF want to truly knock on Levi’s front door.

If you love denim and engaging with content to make a difference visit:

And why not take the double denim dare by posting your hottest (or most tragic) denim look with the hashtag #doubledenimdare and then tag a friend to do the same!

Instagram: DoubleDenimDare


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