The changing face of education and what it means in telling it’s story

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Aug 22, 2019

by 3rdspace


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The higher education sector and vocational providers are already re-shaping their courses, making a shift from the traditional three-year degree to micro-credentials and flexible study.

The game at play

This ‘just-in-time’ mode of learning is gaining ground, giving access to knowledge just when you need it, while study via digital platforms is a crucial - ‘anywhere, anytime, on any device’.

We’re also seeing dramatic change in how higher education engages with industry to provide life-long learning opportunities for workers to constantly upskill and reskill.

It will be higher education facilities that offer work-integrated learning, that will lead the way. If educational institutions shift quickly to help individuals move from one job or career to another as they build a portfolio of skills, these institutions can spearhead the opening up of new markets for life-long learning.

Educational institutions from overseas with digital delivery will increase competition in the Australian market with their short, sharp learning experiences and offerings, catered toward the generation that is best suited to this style of learning. 

It’s important for education groups to work together to define the educational landscape in Australia or in their local area, as international students are such an important part of survival for education in Australia. We need to understand these audiences and their decision making cues and give the story cultural context.

At 3rdspace, we’ve worked with a range of educational institutions and education groups to increase their appeal to both local and international students.

Our work with IEAA revolved around changing perception of international students within Australia, with a content strategy and a range of films and white papers addressing these perceptions and highlighting the benefits international students bring to Australia.  

Similarly, our Study Gold Coast campaign was created to change the perception of what living and studying on the Gold Coast is like. Students were placed at the heart of this campaign, to reinforce a welcoming and safe message for both local and international students. The students were involved in the thinking and became the face of the campaign internationally that represented all education facilities on the Gold Coast.

When bringing this thinking into telling the story of content institutions we believe there are 3 factors to consider;

  1. As a way for institutions to define their purpose and their education facility against their competitive set, this is not about what courses we offer and our campus, but by highlighting they are aware of the changing ways of education, with inspiring content that involves the students in a way potential students can relate to.
  2. Using multi-segmented content to desired student personas. Those interested in the arts or creativity are going to engage with different content to those who want to follow a path in data science. The first step is to create a multi-segmented content strategy, followed by the creation of inspiring content. Putting this focus on each persona group will highlight how your institution understands and can help them the best. 
  3. Content learning. Students are spending more than one third of their entire day consuming media content, with almost 90% of the millennial population watching video content. Therefore, learning platforms need to be interactive and video-rich so students can learn at their own pace, on their own device, or discover supporting content for their degrees. For education leaders to create innovative learning successfully they need to ensure that content is immersive, it utilises relevant experts and it provides stories that follow a guided model. 



With such dynamic time in education everyone in the education ecosystem from institutions, government and independent providers, need to look for new ways to work together with different industries and stakeholders, to offer agile, adaptable offerings so that continuous, on-demand and self-directed learning becomes the new normal.

To find out more about the changing face of education and what it means to you and your business, we’d love to have a chat


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