The Importance of Real Time Brand Communication in Uncertain Times

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Mar 23, 2020

by 3rdspace


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In these challenging times it’s essential that our number one priority remains the safety of our society and also connectivity with citizens and our customers. 

As the stats grow by the day, we are likely to see something similar to the seven stages of grieving – but as an entire population. Shock and denial will be followed by fear and anger, then into depression and loneliness, before moving into the upwards turn.

We know that the way forward is through, and that brands play a vital part by living their purpose and finding new ways to engage, inform and help people through the period of isolation. By leveraging content that involves and gives the audience a release from the continuous bad news feed, brands have a real opportunity to cut through to their audiences. 

We’ve invested in a range of software and licenses to create captivating content remotely. We’ve upgraded our podcast studio to be all remote, and brought on more resources creatively and editorially that can scale to 24/7 operation, with creatives and writers in the UK and NYC working with our Sydney team and our new remote film and live stream studio.

Our Virtual Studio allows us to use all methods of content capture, from desktop and phone cameras, through to high end 4k and 8k cameras and quality audio from remote locations, all whilst having the potential to feed in multiple angles and real-time vision switching.  

We’ve taken what is a B2B conferencing back end, and given it a turbo charged capacity adding in the ability to generate: 

  • Powerful animated graphics
  • Multiple camera angles with real time vision switching
  • Quality audio

This capability taps into the new normal allowing brands to create content for their owned platforms and to go live on any social platform.

The content needs to have the consumer at the heart, reflect that we understand the situation and involve them in real time interactive content.

We’re on a mission to utilise this new “3rdspace” where brands and consumers can come together on screen as we feed the audience into the content mix from their homes with the talent.

While it is a very scary time, it’s also an opportunity to innovate with content that can range from learning and dialogue shaping interactive debate to live music, comedy, cooking and game shows.

If you’d like to know more call Rob in his remote office on 0419 722 151 or drop us a note;

Stay safe,
Rob and the 3rdspace Team


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