The ‘Inside Out’ Approach: How to use content to win them in the hallways before you win them elsewhere

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Aug 21, 2019

by 3rdspace


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We’ve recently been working with a range of senior partners at Ernst & Young developing a content platform asking better questions of our nation. 

As part of the immersion with the business we have been talking about some of the most pressing questions that our nation needs to be thinking about through the digital transformation era we live in. 

One of the themes we uncovered, involves improving consumers’ digital experience, and how to ensure that your employees don’t get left behind. 

Kurt Solarte, Leading Digital and Emerging Technologies Partner for EY Oceania, believes that the most vulnerable point does not directly deal with the customer themselves, but is more to do with the employees not being adequately enabled to win the customer over. Kurt explains that an employee can be easily ‘exposed’ in front of a customer, no matter how advanced or complex their toolset is. 

“The customer now has more information about their service than the customer service person behind the desk or at the other end of the phone. Millions are spent on websites, apps and marketing, but staff are often working in the dark.” 

“Employees are customers too - we should be turning them into valuable advocates for the brand.” 

One of the approaches we have found highly successful is by not only looking at the research and data, but also immersing ourselves within the business, talking to the people who are on the front line.

From there developing a content mission to communicate internally the vision values and purpose of the business supported by a range of content pillars.

This includes content that brings the values to life, using visually rich content such as inspiring films to tell the story;

NRMA Values Case Study

The content pillar that always gets plenty of love is the brand pillar....

But a powerful brand campaign should win them in the corridors before it goes to market and begins driving awareness and engagement with consumers. By doing this when customers do click on the website or come into your business, your staff will be on an empowered playing field to develop that relationship further with your customer…..instead of giving the customer that dreaded blank stare.

In the age of digital and social content the other key content pillar is learning and training.

Using content for training allows team members to stay up to date with product knowledge and initiatives within the business.

We find building interactive content platforms that allow team members to learn on any device at their own time and pace is the 3rd pillar that needs as much strategy and creative storytelling as a brand campaign and should always be executed in the brands tone of voice:

 WLG Drinks Academy

The old “the customer always come first” adage should be re thought as a people led approach.

Both customer and team centric, using the great content through the best digital channels, in a way that enables your team to have as much knowledge as the senior team of the business and allows them to become as great an advocate for your business as your most passionate customers.

To find out more about this inside out approach, please get in touch.



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