Time To Dial Up Your Tone of Voice

Time To Dial Up Your Tone of Voice

Over the last few months our content strategy team have been deep diving into social sentiment with our Content Sphere.

With the lowering of the COVID-19 curve in Australia and the gradual re-opening of life as we knew it, there is a strong feeling of hope and positivity, particularly in Australia and New Zealand.

As consumers, we have suffered the “we are here for you” content strategy sentiment for long enough. Consumers have not only coped, but in that iconic Aussie way they have made the most of life in iso and celebrated it through their content.

The sentiment now is one of thanks as we have managed the curve so well in this country… Thanks to our incredible frontline workers and the community we live in. And right now the big theme coming through is that of hope – hope around getting on with life, in whatever social distancing shape that now takes.

If your brand decides to continue to hold fire while waiting to see what happens, it’s at risk of going backwards a lot further. Hopefully you are already seeing some indicative sales numbers that confirm this sense of hope.

Obviously FMCG, supermarkets and tech solutions have been travelling well and there are still massive challenges for travel and some retail – but no matter what the offer, it’s a time to be in the moment by creating content that is not only reflective of now but more importantly how your brand with a shared purpose can help your customers and audience move forward. Deep dive into what your audience are engaging with from a content perspective, and look for opportunities to really reflect that sense of hope with your tone of voice and brand values dialled up to 11.

Hope doesn’t need to be all soppy, but full of possibility, a sense of curiosity, joy and celebration. One of the great things out of iso living and remote working has been the increased involvement that consumers are willing to take part in and confidence on camera through video conferencing.

Look for creative angles where your content can evolve with consumer involvement – make them part of the return and reimagine of your brand as we create this “new normal” together.

Most importantly, do it with a tone that has that cultural context we have seen shine over the last few months across all elements of society. These are exciting times and a great opportunity to reform what your brand stands for and its purpose.

A 3rdspace cheat’s way to a winning Reform and Reimagine content strategy:

What is the core thing your customer is looking for in their lives right now?
What is the cultural context that is influencing the situation?
What is your new brand truth?
How does it add value to people’s lives?
Then how can you create agile relevant content that shares your audiences passion and hope for life?

I guarantee you’ll end up with a strong creative idea that involves your audience with shared value that will elevate your brand and provoke strong consumer action.

If you’d like a bit of help, we would love to chat.

Rob Logan is the founder of 3rdspace