We've moved! - 3rdspace
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We’ve moved!

We’ve moved!

3rdspace has moved.

That’s right, we have made the big move. The whole office was packed into boxes, picked up by real men (unlike the not so real men in the office) and we have moved out of level 4, 19a Boundary Street. We leave behind some great memories. Lots of creative passion, fun times, late nights on pitches, creative differences kicked around, cups of coffee, a few green teas… and maybe the odd beer or wine. But never before 11:30am (except that one time).

So as we say goodbye to Level 4, 19a Boundary St, we say hello to or new, bigger, brighter and cooler space at Level 5, 19a Boundary St.

 So why the new office? And why now? Well, the boss thought winning two more awards meant we should move to a bigger space, because the phones will start ringing off the hook and there will be constant knocks at the door. Excuse me for a sec there’s someone at the door now… (see, it’s already happening…)

“Photo copier toner?… um yeah sure, just put it over there thanks!”

So where was I? Oh, yeah, a bigger office and the real reason besides providing enough space to house the two new awards (did I mention we won two new awards?), is the 3rdspace Insta-studio! No it’s not a studio for professional selfies, but if that’s what you need, we can do that too. We are all so excited and passionate about the super cool ways you can create simple, cost effective visual for brands. And that’s what the 3rdspace Insta-studio is for. To create stylised pics and vids so brands can tell their story in a visually engaging, shareable and purposeful way.

If you want to find out how your brand brings its social to life through the 3rdspace Insta-studio, just give us a call.