Why We Will So Miss Bob

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May 17, 2019

by 3rdspace


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All across socials last night were images and tributes to Robert J. Hawke.  


Because Bob had purpose.

Bob was plugged in to cultural context and had great insight.

Bob had a distinct personality and tone of voice.

Bob was a person of action and courage.

Like a good content strategy, he and what his team set out to achieve was to tell a story and create positive change in the world.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure if the main contenders for this election, will have the same impact and unfortunately the parties behind them are surrounded by very un-purposeful tacticians, that have got trapped into a lobbyist way of thinking.

In a nutshell their model is:

What do we stand for?  A good start.

What will they say about it and us. (= fear)

What will we say about them (=The lowest hanging fruit for campaigning)

Unfortunately, the “leaders” are letting the highly paid and insight-less tacticians run their race - including social tactics using micro influencers with negative, foundless smear content.

In an age where brands, leaders and political parties have so many fantastic personalised resources available to them – they treat their audiences with a lack of respect and resort to the most basic of messaging and lack of imagination in telling their story.

All we can hope is that the memory of Bob inspires new potential leaders to step up and have a go, with a focus on what our culture and community needs. Hopefully having a clearly defined purpose to create positive action in our country.

If you can find them on Saturday, I think you may have to look outside the brat pack.


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