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Why Your Brand Needs a Content Purpose

Why Your Brand Needs a Content Purpose

I’m not ashamed to say it, I have a massive professional crush on Simon Sinek. There’s something about those rolled up shirt sleeves and the old school flip board that pulls you in. Then he starts to talk about the power of why and BOOM, I was hooked.

Simon Sinek’s TEDx talk has 24 million views

Seriously, this guy is inspirational. If you haven’t seen his TED Talk, watch it now.

If you have, watch it again. I use this video all the time. To help clients understand the power of having a core purpose and for friends who feel lost and wonder why they get up each day.


But what follows why?

Having spent the last year helping brands to articulate their purpose, mission and values using Simon Sinek’s trademark circles, I got to thinking about what happens after you define your why? Or more importantly, how do you communicate this why, frequently and passionately to consumers so they continue to engage and promote your brand for days, weeks and years to come.

This got me thinking about how the power of WHY could translate into content marketing.

After all, most social media teams approach content from the angle of what they are going to say, rather than why they are saying it and why customers should care. Hours are dedicated to filling out conversation calendars, focusing on the latest product the marketing team needs to promote, what’s topical and what’s the latest trend to piggyback off. Rather than thinking about why they exist and how they can produce content that will impact the ongoing, long-term relationship with followers and customers.


Golden circles of content marketing

Adapting Simon’s golden circles to content marketing we see how a powerful content purpose can help guide a social media and marketing team from the inside out. Talking directly to what most strongly connects you and your consumers – why you exist.

3rd Space - Marketing Agency Sydney - 5 tips to Content Marketing

5 tips for successful content marketing

Finally, here are my five top tips for producing content marketing as legendary as Mr Sinek himself.

  1. Define your content purpose.
    Decide why you are doing content marketing and how it can help tell the story of why your brand exists.
  1. Have a singular focus.
    Create a mission with a single focus. Then be relentless in pursuing this goal. Like the Wright Brothers, develop a mission that is focused, courageous, measurable and has a long-term vision for success in social media.
  1. Adapt how you say it, to where your audience is.
    Put yourself in your consumer’s shoes. Use data to better understand which channels they are using, which personalities they follow and which formats they prefer. Adapt to their needs, because I guarantee you they will not adapt to your style.
  1. Live your content mission every day.
    Define your content pillars and stay on topic. Done well this will help develop story arcs and recurring themes that your followers will get behind, support and share.
  1. Check everything you post against your pillars.
    Use your content pillars as a checklist to decide if something should be posted. If it doesn’t sit under a pillar – don’t post it.


Rachael Butler has 12 years’ experience of brand and content marketing and currently heads up Strategy at 3rdSpace. 3rdSpace is a content company and Sydney Marketing Agency that helps brands with purpose create content with meaning. If you’re a marketer who is as big a fan of Simon Sinek as we are, why not get in touch and see how we can help you develop a content strategy to help communicate why your brand exists.