2020 Content predictions

2020 Content predictions

2020 will be a year where the amount of content from brands will almost double. So with the New Year coming up, here are a few things to start thinking about.

  1. Quality is King
  2. While there is a lot of discussion around lessening dwell times due to more and more content being created by brands… quality content that relates to the audience will not only stop thumbs, it will have people leaning in and getting involved.

  3. Influences- micro or mega
  4. At 3rdspace, we continue to prove that a systematic approach to social media influencer marketing is the best way to enforce this category. 2019 showed us that 95% of businesses adopted an influencer marketing strategy (Starita, Nov 2019). As the metrics on social platforms continue to change in 2020, it’s about defining a strong content strategy and defining what the brand wants to communicate, collaborating with influencers to co create a single minded evolving story that reflects your brand to provoke consumer involvement.

  5. To Tik Tok or not to Tik Tok
  6. While the numbers on the platform are open to a lot of questioning, tapping into the zeitgeist for millennial audiences with tactics that engage the audience to create their own content and post is a great way to build time with brand on this platform. Big ups to Fanta’s Cauldron Challenge’ for Halloween.

    Tapping into the moment that saw Tik Tok influencers encourage their followers to unleash their creativity by making bold and imaginative Halloween costumes and sharing them on the platform.

  7. Purpose matters
  8. In two surveys conducted by the Huff Post America and Canada, consumers were said to buy brands that reflect their personal values and beliefs, and are staying away from brands that don’t. In Canada, this represented 55% of consumers, and 64% of American consumers. As we all know, Aussies are a lot more discerning, so we estimate a figure of around 70%, but will be conducting our own research in 2020.

  9. Customer experience will matter more than price and product
  10. Right now, high quality products are more feasible than ever. To stay in the game, customer experience will make or break your business and sway consumer choices to support your business, with 60% of consumers willing to pay more for a better experience. So more than ever from a content perspective think about the long tail in your content strategy, what is the content you are delivering to them not only through awareness, consideration and reason to purchase but what content are you delivering to highlight how much you value them that adds value to their lives to create brand love?

If you’d like to chat about your 2020 content plans, we’d love to have a conversation with you.

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