Is Your Content Getting Caught in The Clutter?

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Nov 29, 2019

by 3rdspace


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“There has been more content generated in the last 2 years
than in the history of mankind”

This statement is truly mind blowing. It’s also scary to think that the amount of content produced is expected to continue to grow exponentially each year.

Take a minute to ask yourself these questions;

  • Why are you creating content?
  • What is it doing for your brand?
  • How are you differentiating from your competitors?
  • How is your audience reacting?
  • How is your content provoking action?

If the answers aren’t entirely clear, perhaps your brand is simply getting caught in all that content clutter? To cut through, brands need a well-defined content strategy.  

Recently, 3rdspace joined forces with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions to share key insights with over 60 marketers about the importance of the right content strategy.

Content strategy starts with your core purpose and your audience at the heart. A well-defined strategy will align your audience with your brand around shared values. It will help define how your brand adds value to your audience’s lives. It establishes your brand’s tone of voice and helps differentiate your brand from the competitive set. The right content strategy will ensure your brand is on a mission to provoke action.

Building the right content mission is the key to a successful content strategy. A content mission is not the creative solution, it is a ‘guiding light’ for the content which you create and helps determine exactly what you want your content to achieve. It defines how will it involve the consumer in an engaging way and most importantly, how it will provoke action.

If your brand doesn’t have a well defined content strategy and you feel that you’re simply getting lost in all that clutter, you should talk to 3rdspace! contact us here.


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