Top 5 Content Engagement Tips | 3rdspace

Top 5 Content Engagement Tips | 3rdspace


As a LinkedIn Marketing Partner, 3rdspace recently joined the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions team to share key insights with over 60 marketers,helping them to unlock their brand’s potential on the LinkedIn platform. If you weren’t part of the presentation, never fear…here’s our top 5 content engagement tips.

  1. Develop a well-defined content strategy

We can’t stress enough the importance of a well-defined content strategy. Creating and posting ‘content for content sake’ is simply adding to the clutter. Great content strategy starts with your core purpose and your audience at the heart. It will sperate your brand from the competitive set and ensure your content is on a mission to provoke action.

Is your brand getting caught in the content clutter? Perhaps we can help!

  1. Leverage the voice of your customers or employees

Great content strategy is human at the heart. Leveraging the power of the people behind your brand or your consumers gives your content authenticity, makes your content more believable and is a powerful way to bring your tone of voice to life.

In this powerful campaign for Study Gold Coast, 3rdspace placed students at the heart of our content to demonstrate how they celebrate and embrace cultural  diversity while studying on the Gold Coast. The students are clearly the stars.

See the content here

  1. Use high impact visual images with a clear call to action

Visual images are the new headlines and can be the biggest factor in determining engagement. Differentiating from the crowd by using real people or unexpected high-impact visuals, imagery and graphics will help ensure your content grabs immediate attention in the feed. You can also mix it up a little by A/B testing different imagery to optimize results, while ensuring all your content has a consistent brand thread, reflective of your tone of voice. It’s also important your content has a clear call to action and that you leverage every opportunity to provoke an action, which could link to further content, more engagement or the capturing of data.

  1. Include hero films to bring your brand to life

Don’t underestimate the power of film content to drive deeper levels of engagement. Powerful hero films deliver impact and inspire trust and confidence in your brand. The power of storytelling has the ability, to generate deep emotions, move your audience and provoke action.

Here’s an example of how 3rdspace delivered a hero film content campaign for NEC which brought their brand value to life.

  1. Make your content a two-sided conversation

One of our most important engagement tips is also one of the simplest – ask questions. Social platforms are made to enable a two-sided conversation. The simple role of posing a well-defined question to a targeted audience about a thought-provoking topic can drive deep levels of engagement around your brand.

3rdspace recently developed a powerful thought leadership campaign for EY which called upon business leaders to take part in the conversation. The campaign successfully drove engagement from senior business leaders including CEO’s, c-suite and board members.

See the campaign here

 If you’d like to learn more and make your content more engaging, you should most certainly talk to 3rdspace! contact us here.